Free Lance

Occasionally I like to team up with friends and do impromptu photoshoots just to let out some creative steam. This week I got to shoot with Jo Johnson and Kristen Grisham. Both of these photographers are AMAZING and have a unique style that sets them apart from the rest.

People often forget how beautiful the small city of Fayetteville is, but we know it all to well. So, we grabbed some random clothes and took off! One thing that I absolutely love about impromptu shoots is that they aren't planned. I work full time so I actually enjoy not having a schedule for once. Plus, sometimes the most beautiful images are taken when they aren't structured and planned out to a tee. 

My favorite part of the shoot was probably when Jo treated me to a fabulous red velvet cupcake from "Bliss Cupcakes" and we relaxed and got to know each other a little better. We discussed boys, fashion, and of course photography!

Each of the outfits we picked showcase a different style of an everyday girl. We have the street grunge, effortless bohemian and rocker chic. I really enjoyed this shoot, and I hope you guys feel the same way. So check out my new gallery page named "Free Lance" and scope out some of my random shoots that we put together.