All Gold Everything

Over Christmas break I met up with the fabulous Lissa Chandler to do a creative photo shoot that she had to do for one of her photography classes. Lissa is a true visionary and I had a blast working with a someone that knew exactly what they wanted.

Lissa taught be how to angle my face to make it look perfect in a photo, so I definitely took away some useful tips. My favorite part of the shoot was the dress I got to wear. Lissa used Rent the Runway, which is a company that allows you to rent couture pieces for a certain amount of time for photo shoots and different occasions.

This dress was gold sparkles head to toe, so of course I was in heaven! The shoot took place in a parking garage in Fayetteville that was teeny tiny, but some how Lissa got several amazing/different shots to use for her portfolio.

We paired the dress with no shoes and some gold flowers. I decided to be a little creative with my makeup as well and did a heavy black smokey eye with a bright red lip. Overall I think the shoot was a complete success and even though it was about 30 degrees outside and I was barefoot it was totally worth it.

Below are a few of my favorite shots  to see more, head on over to my Instagram @reaganwray.