Go Green with Greenlee

Every month I get a special treat in the mail from my favorite swimwear company, Greenlee. This company is all about being environmentally friendly which is a huge reason why I love their bikinis.

Each swimsuit is made from recycled material which I find to be amazing considering how cute and comfortable each suit is. This month Greenlee sent me the best top in their collection in my opinion. I am obsessed with the new "crop top" swimsuit trend, and as always my top matched basically all of my Greenlee bottoms as well.

For the photo shoot this week with Kristen we decided to bring along our new photographer friend Kelsie Sneegas (check out her Instagram and blog page, she's crazy talented). We went to another beautiful Fayetteville location and had a blast. So check out these awesome images in my Greenlee gallary page and shop these #littlerecycledbikinis. 

P.S. Use the code RW10 and get 10% off your next Greenlee purchase!!