Lauren James Spring Line 2016

That's right everyone, the time has finally come for the LJ spring line to drop! I have been waiting forever to share these amazing images done by the fabulous Delyn Stirewalt. For those of you that don't know about Lauren James (you must be living in a hole) the company is all about living the Southern lifestyle in amazing quality clothes that fit every girl perfectly. I must admit that my style is very different from Lauren's designs, but I absolutely love feeling super girly in all of her designs plus they are SUPER comfortable. Most of her dresses are made from the fabric seersucker, hence the hashtag #lifeisbetterinseersucker, which is why her dresses are PERFECT for spring/summer time because they are lightweight and keep you cool on a hot humid day. So, when Lauren asked me to model in her collection I said yes immediately (I mean who wouldn't)! The only downfall of the trip was getting to Charleston, considering I am deathly afraid of flying in an airplane, and basically had a complete meltdown on the way there haha. Thankfully my good friend Tarah Hill, who is the Director of Customer Experience for Lauren James, was able to sit by me on the plane and calm me down. Note to self, don't watch the movie "Flight" the night before you board a plane it doesn't go over well. Anyways, after we got to Charleston we made ourselves at home in our cute little house and started shooting immediately. We had a TON of merchandise to shoot, but everyday was a blast, even the constant down poor of rain couldn't keep us down. My favorite day was our second day of the trip when we got to go to this amazing plantation that had a garden maze throughout the location. It seriously was like being in a scene in the Notebook, except Ryan Gosling only appears in my dreams.... Not to mention we saw an alligator swimming through the river that was on the plantation (YIKES)! Not only did we see an alligator, peacocks and other farm animals, we also saw a fisherman pull up a shark!!! Keep in mind this shark was about 15 feet from us the whole time we were skipping through the water. After we touched the shark and put it back into the water we decided to stick to taking photos on the sand instead haha. All in all this trip was one for the books and I will never forget all the amazing memories I had and the great people I met along the way. Below I have added some of my favorite photos, but check out my Lauren James gallery on my "work" page to see all the photos. Also, don't forget to go to to see all of the spring collection as well as the full video series by Richie Fretueg, and stay tuned for what is coming this fall!

XOXO- Reagan Wray