How To Take The PERFECT Selfie...

Everyone who knows me, knows that I am the queen of taking selfies. Even though people may think it makes people self absorbed and cocky, I could care less. I love the art of photography and having fun editing my selfies. Below are some of my techniques when I am trying to take that "perfect" selfie.

1. Lighting is your best friend: When taking a selfie you need to find natural light or fluorescent light to get the best quality. Before I got my Diva Light Ring I would put my camera up against a window in my house and face the opposite direction. There are a couple of spots in my house that I always like to take pictures by because the natural light is perfect. Although natural light is great I also love my Diva Light Ring, it has been a super amazing investment for me. Since I promote companies on Instagram and other social media accounts having a good lighting system was important to buy. This only cost me about $150 on Amazon and was super easy to set up!

2. Find you signature pose: Everyone has that certain side that they prefer to take pictures on. Mine happens to be the side that my bangs are parted away from. I like to go with the simple soft smile or sexy kissy face, but a great smile can also go along way. Don't be afraid to change it up everyone once and a while for your followers, but having your signature look is important.

3. Captions are KEY: Having a good caption or personal hashtag can really help promote your brand. Funny puns, quotes and lyrics are great for caption ideas. Hashtags are also very important if you are wanting to gain followers and promote your "selfie"! I know they seem super lame, but having creative hashtags will help people find you through your explore page.

4. Proper Equipment: I have already discussed lighting equipment with you guys, but also having a good camera/phone is very important. I use my Iphone 6s for a lot of my photos, but if you are really looking into taking quality photos, I would suggest finding a good camera to invest in. Canon is my personal favorite brand of cameras, but that is just my opinion. Also, a tripod is great to have if you are wanting to take full body/action shots for your blog/social media pages. And if you are really wanting to become a selfie queen I highly suggest getting a selfie stick. I know they seem super lame, but they really do help!

5. EDITING: I know editing applications can be very overwhelming, but it is probably the most important part if you are wanting that flawless photo. I personally love VSCO cam, FaceTune and Afterlight for my Iphone editing systems. As for my computer editing software I stick with Lightroom or Photoshop for more legitimate photos I am editing. I absolutely HATE when people use Instagram filters or over edit/soften their features. You can definitely tell when someone uses an app like Perfect365. When you are editing remember to keep it simple. To many times people change their whole appearance and it make it obvious that they edited their whole face. Adding a nice filter and taking out a couple of blemishes is perfectly fine, but don't get to crazy people!


Keep in mind that these are all just my personal opinion on taking a good selfie and promoting yourself through social media. I am in no way shape or form trying to say I am a professional photographer, but I love taking pictures and have a lot of fun doing it.